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More Easy Print and Prep Math Centers

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I have continued to add new math strains to my Easy Print and Prep Kindergarten Math Centers. When I first introduced the Bundle to you, it included 2D Shapes, Addition, Number Sense, Patterning and Sorting. Since then I have added Subtraction, and Measurement and Time. Now, I have added another strain; this time it is Symmetry! So far it includes 5 activities and an easy assessment sheet.

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These pattern block task cards have students complete the picture so that it is symmetrical. There is a work mat that is included so students can use it when completing the picture or they can use it to create their own symmetrical images.

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With this activity, students have to draw the line of symmetry on each of the pictures. It includes pictures, numbers and letters. It can be laminated so that students can use a white board marker, or you can use any straight object to make the line of symmetry (I used small wooden dowels).

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My favourite activity in this pack are the symmetry circle worksheets. The pack has two of these worksheets and they can be used as colouring sheets or with loose parts. Students have to make each slice of the circle symmetrical and they can use so many different materials with it!


This sorting activity has students looking at different letters, numbers and pictures to figure out if they are symmetrical. Then they must sort them by symmetrical or not symmetrical. There is a work mat that is included that students can use to sort the different cards.

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There is also a colouring sheet that asks students to draw their own picture with a line of symmetry and an assessment page to keep track of students’ progress and knowledge. You can get this activity pack on its own or in my Bundle! I will be adding 3D Shapes soon and I am putting the finishing touches on a Money bundle. Take a look at it in my store:

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