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The Duck Life Cycle Part 4

Duck Life Cycle Part 4

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The duck eggs have continued to be a great learning experience in our classroom. We have continued to care for them, and students are still asking great questions about the duck life cycle. Here is the latest on the eggs:


Our egg candler gave us the opportunity to see just how much the ducks have grown inside of the eggs. They take up most of the room now and it is even hard to make out the outline of the ducks because they have gotten so big! I have also learned that it is really hard to get a good picture of the eggs while holding the egg , the phone and an egg candler!


Students have made their predictions about which eggs will be hatching first. They also told us why they thought that duck would be the first one (“It’s the biggest egg”, “It was moving”). We got some interesting name ideas from our students!

And now we wait… We aren’t sure exactly how long it is going to take before the eggs start to hatch, but we are hoping that it is going to be soon! We have 2 weeks left of school and so it would be nice to have some time with the ducks before the summer break. We are anxiously awaiting their arrival, and every morning I check to see for any sound from the eggs!

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