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Finish the Story… Story Writing Activity for Kindergarten

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Our students have been enjoying writing stories lately, and we have been focusing on making sure we have all the different story elements (characters, setting, problem and solution). Whenever we read a story, we talk about the different parts of the story and when our students are writing we talk about what they need in their stories. That’s why I decided to put this pack together, to help our students remember the different parts of a story when they are doing their amazing writing.


This product includes 12 different story starter cards, and they come in color and B&W versions. They can use the writing paper that is included to finish the stories. You can also have the story elements posters (half-page and full page posters are included, with color and B&W versions) out on the table to make sure they are including all the different story elements that they need in their stories.


Students loved picking a different story starter and using them to write their own stories. I had students pick multiple cards, and write different stories. These were great to get their imaginations going, getting them to write more than one sentence and pushing them to write more complex stories.


They turned out so cute, and it helped make sure students were staying on task.


Here is a trick for those pre-writing students: use a yellow marker to write the words that they tell you and have them trace it. It gives them a connection between what they want to write, and the words on the page. It allows them to practice writing and they get to see their own stories written on the page! They love it!

If you would like to write stories with your students, you can get it in my Teachers pay Teachers store here:

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