Letters L & F

We have continued to learn about new letters this past week, and our newest centers were based on the letters L and F. We began with two centers for the letter L: Making prints with Lego- this was a popular center. The students enjoyed stamping and making art with the Lego pieces. L is for… Continue reading Letters L & F


Invitation to Explore – Number Lines

Loose parts are a great way to have students explore and learn math concepts. With a few carefully placed math resources and items- you can get children talking about and discovering new concepts.This was our set-up for learning about number lines. Wood and rock numbers, playing cards, rocks and blocks. That's all it took to… Continue reading Invitation to Explore – Number Lines

Letter M Activities

Continuing with our letter-themed activities; this week we learned the letter M. Three different centers helped us learn this new letter and its sounds! M is for a Magnet Macaroni sensory bin! We used macaroni as the filler and added items to it that are magnetic and non-magnetic. Students had to try and find all… Continue reading Letter M Activities

Letters O & G Activities

These past few weeks we concentrated on the letters O and G and we did a few centers to reinforce our learning with these letters. First off: O for Octopus!!!! We had an octopus invitation to create. It was an easy center to set-up. I cut out octopus heads in different colours, strips of paper… Continue reading Letters O & G Activities

Letter R Activities!

We had so much fun with the letter R this week. There are just so many things that you can do for this letter, so we just kept adding activities! Here is a round-up of some of the centers: R is for Rocks: students could create anything they wanted with the rocks- letters, art, numbers,… Continue reading Letter R Activities!

Name Writing Prompt Freebie

In my last post I talked about how we are focusing on getting our students to write their names. We have set up some centers to help them work on getting them to spell their names correctly and to use uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately. For this center, the letter beads and pipe cleaners were… Continue reading Name Writing Prompt Freebie