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Letter M Activities

Continuing with our letter-themed activities; this week we learned the letter M. Three different centers helped us learn this new letter and its sounds!

M is for a Magnet Macaroni sensory bin! We used macaroni as the filler and added items to it that are magnetic and non-magnetic. Students had to try and find all the magnetic items that were in the bin.


M is for Monster invitation to create! Students created their own monsters using different materials set out for them. I just printed out different shape outlines and let the students choose what they wanted to do. These turned out so great and worked on their fine-motor and scissor skills.20161116_130315.jpg

M is for Mud! I made ‘mud’ playdough. Instead of using food colouring, I added brown paint. This gives it the brown colour and students loved playing in the ‘mud’ and using the letter playdough mats with it.20161116_130202.jpg

Another letter learned successfully using letter-themed activities!

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