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Letters O & G Activities

These past few weeks we concentrated on the letters O and G and we did a few centers to reinforce our learning with these letters.

First off: O for Octopus!!!! We had an octopus invitation to create. It was an easy center to set-up. I cut out octopus heads in different colours, strips of paper and white circles for eyes. Then I let the students create whatever they wanted and they turned out so cute!


For the letter G: G is for Grapes! We had two different ways that students could create a bunch of grapes: pompoms with clothespins or paper cylinders.20161122_105135.jpg

G is for Grass! Students created the letter G with loose parts on grass mats.20161122_082400.jpg

The students seem to be having a lot of fun with our letter-themed activities these past few weeks. They are excited to do them and it helps them remember the letter sounds!

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