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Letter R Activities!

We had so much fun with the letter R this week. There are just so many things that you can do for this letter, so we just kept adding activities! Here is a round-up of some of the centers:


R is for Rocks: students could create anything they wanted with the rocks- letters, art, numbers, whatever they felt inspired to do!


R is for Roses: after cutting off the thorns we placed roses on the table and let the students explore them. They were encouraged to draw a picture and label the different parts of the rose that they observed.

20161109_085807.jpgRed Raspberry Rice sensory bin with Rainbow Rings: My teaching partner made this awesome, yummy smelling sensory bin for the students to play in!

20161109_085800.jpgR is for Rainbow: students created their unique rainbow!

20161109_100056.jpgR is for Red: students created their own red poppies for our Remembrance Day wreaths. They painted different-seized circles and cut them out to create their own unique poppies.

We had so much fun with this letter and there were so many things that we had to leave out because we ran out of time (I’m thinking R is for Robot!)

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