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Letter E Science Activity!

Every time we are focusing on a new letter in our class we like to do activities to help them remember the letter and its sound (for C we did cloud painting and a cloud invitation to create and for N we did a night painting), and for the letter E with did an experiment with eggs!


We made the eggshells disappear from our eggs using vinegar! (see this post to know the specifics) We began by pouring vinegar into two clear containers and water into another two. Then we carefully placed an egg in each container and observed the changes that happened over the next day. We set out an observation center that the students could look at what was happening and use the “I see/I think/I wonder” sheet to record their thoughts.


They loved doing the experiment and it worked really well (we tried to see if the egg would bounce after the shell dissolved. It bounced once when I tried it in the sink, but when I tried it on the table – it splattered), we were able to compare what happened in the two liquids and discuss why we think they are different!


A great way to work on the letter E while keeping students engaged!

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