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A Brand New Literacy Pack!

I don’t have any action pictures to share with you showing off the new literacy pack I just posted to Teachers pay Teachers. I haven’t had a chance to print it out yet, but I will very soon and when I do I will write a new post with the new pictures.

I am just too excited to share the awesomeness that is the Snowflakes Sight Word Pack!


It has the 40 Dolch pre-primer sight words on snowflakes. You use those snowflakes for the 3 literacy centers that are also included in the pack:

  1. 3 “Snowflake Sight Word Mix-Up” worksheets. Students have to unscramble the letters to find out which sight word it is and write their answer.
    2. 1 “Snowflake Write-the-Room”, put up 8 snowflake sight words around the classroom, the students must find them and use the sheet to record which ones they found.
    3. 1 “Snowflake Sight Word Sentences” worksheet. Students pick a sight word snowflake, record it, write a sentence using it and illustrate their sentence.

This pack is great to work on new sight words, or reinforce sight words that they have already learned! It is a low prep activity- laminate and cut out the snowflakes sight words once and you can reuse them for all 3 centers!

You can get it now for $2.00 in my TpT store- but don’t wait long! Once winter comes around the price will be going up to $3.00!

Snowflakes Sight Word Literacy Centers

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