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Invitation to Explore – Number Lines

Loose parts are a great way to have students explore and learn math concepts. With a few carefully placed math resources and items- you can get children talking about and discovering new concepts.20161128_131004.jpgThis was our set-up for learning about number lines. Wood and rock numbers, playing cards, rocks and blocks. That’s all it took to get students to create their own awesome number lines. Here are a few examples:20161128_141451.jpgGetting the blocks to stay up was difficult- it took a few tries, but once we got it it was worth it. The student was able to see the growing towers representing the numbers getting larger and larger.

20161128_141631.jpgThis is from a student who also decided to incorporate patterns into some of her towers. She was trying to get them all done but we ran out of time!

20161128_1414192.jpg.jpgThis student was using different materials to create his number line. He was planning to keep adding to it until we ran out of time.

How do you incorporate loose parts play into your math centers? What concepts do your students like to explore with these materials?


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