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Letters L & F

We have continued to learn about new letters this past week, and our newest centers were based on the letters L and F. We began with two centers for the letter L:

20161129_105911.jpgMaking prints with Lego- this was a popular center. The students enjoyed stamping and making art with the Lego pieces.


L is for Lacing- This center took a bit more time to put together. I glued a piece of thick white paper to the red constructions paper and hole punched all the way around. This was something I took home and did over the weekend as it does take some time. It is a great center to work on their fine motor skills, and lacing is not something they get a lot of practice with (I found it funny that they kept saying that they were having a hard time ‘knitting’ the L!)

Then came the letter F, and we were able to have lots of fun with these 3 centers:

20161202_085758.jpgF is for Fancy Feather Fan! I cut a paper plate in half and glued a popsicle stick to the back. Then I put out crayons (not pictured) and cut up some feathers for students to decorate their own fans. It was fun to fan ourselves the rest of the day with our fancy fans!

20161202_085807.jpgF is for Face! Two mirrors, pencil crayons, multi-cultural crayons and a template was all this center needed. The students loved coming here and their portraits turned out great!

20161202_085817.jpgF is for Farm! Super easy set-up. I put out our play farm!

That’s two more letters done with these fun centers. Next up is the letter B, so I am racking my brain to come up with some fun activities!

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