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Weekly Journal Writing FREEBIE!

My teaching partner had a great idea to start our SKs writing in a weekly journal beginning in the new year. We have some high students this year that are already great writers and we just want to get them practicing even more and teach them how to edit their writing.


That’s where these sheets come in. They have space for students to write (they will be able to write whatever they want) and to draw a small illustration. Then, there is a checklist to make sure they followed the appropriate steps when writing (punctuation mark, lowercase letters and finger spaces). Once they are done writing, we will give them feedback in the form of two stars (two things they did really well) and a wish (something to work on for next time). This way, they will be able to look back at their writing the next week to make sure they continue to improve their writing.


There is even an extra sheet included for those really prolific writers!


Do you like what you see? I also have a Letter and List Writing Activities Bundle, it includes all you need to introduce letter and list writing to your students. Each pack includes a poster, 12 writing prompts and templates for students to use.

oh… and guess what? I’m offering this writing sheet as a FREEBIE!


Weekly Journal Writing Sheets


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