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Vegetable Garden Small World Play

Students were talking about growing a vegetable garden in our classroom. I brought in seeds and we planted our own little garden that is now sitting in the window waiting to (hopefully) sprout next week. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I will get one next week!

For our small world play I made a some felt vegetables, vegetable rocks and a planter box (my SO built the box for me- power tools are not my friend).


I followed tutorials to make each of the vegetable:


I’ve also added some seed catalogues to the center to encourage some writing and we are posting their writing around the center.

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  1. My kids *CANNOT* get enough of pretend play. I’m all Mr. Rogers on this one too, because how do you practice what you are learning as a kid? You play! I love the little garden– that is awesome. It’s so neat to see things like this in kindergarten classrooms. Thanks for sharing.

    • Amanda B. says:

      Our kids love small world play and they have so much fun with it! We are very play-based in our classroom with sensory bins, dramatic play centers and games. We like to have fun in kindergarten!

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