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Dinosaur Play-Based Centers

Our students were very interested in learning about dinosaurs, and so for the past week we have tried to incorporate dinosaurs into our centers to learn as much as we can about them. This is only week 1 of our inquiry centers, so make sure you follow my blog to find out what we do next!

Our literacy centers included adding some sight word dinosaur cards (from this pack) to our loose parts center, and a writing center that encouraged students to write and draw what they know about dinosaurs (paper, toy dinosaurs, books, crayons, pencil crayons and oil pastels). ** Hint: some plastic dinosaurs have the type of dinosaur written on their underside, once you show this to students, they can write out the names on their own!

Learning about fossils was fun with the fossil dough we made (recipe from here), students got to experience how fossils were formed millions of years ago. Then, we used salt dough to make our own dinosaur fossils (recipe from here), we will paint them next week when they are dry.


Our small world dinosaur play evolved over the week- it started with some dinosaurs, felt pieces to make mud, water and a volcano, rocks, books, and sticks.


By the end of the week, we had added some of the students’ artwork, excavation tools, dinosaur cards (found here) and vocabulary cards (from this pack). This center is going to continue to evolve over the next week, I’m excited to see what students add to it!

Next we are setting up a dinosaur excavation dramatic play center and we are going to learn about different kinds of dinosaurs!

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Some of the printables in this post can be found in my Kindergarten Dinosaur-Themed Science and Literacy Centers pack.

dinosaur pack square preview

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