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Dinosaur Play-Based Centers Part 2

As was promised with last week’s post, here is week 2 of our dinosaur play-based centers. Students have continued to enjoy learning about dinosaurs, and this week we went deeper into the different types of dinosaurs to learn about them. We started off with the T-Rex (of course), then a triceratops and finally the pterodactyl family.

We started our week off by setting up our dramatic play center as an excavation site with the sand box, tools and dinosaurs.

The students loved having this open and being able to dig for bones and talk about what they were doing.

We also got a chance to paint our dinosaur fossils:

I think the students are in for one more week of awesome dinosaur learning before they start wondering about something else (a student was already asking about vegetable gardens and if we could grow one in our class).

If you missed last week’s post check it out here.

And if you are looking for a dinosaur science and literacy pack, take a look at mine from TpT:

dinosaur pack square preview

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