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Flower Shop Dramatic Play

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Our classroom was transformed into a flower shop a few weeks ago. Our students were having so much fun setting up their store, making signs, writing lists, making money to use in the store, so we extended our leaning outside of the dramatic play center and brought it into other areas of the classroom.


This is what it looked like- simple! Some mason jars with fake flowers for them to arrange into bouquets, price lists and vocabulary cards. That’s it- they did the rest! They made the money that they used when buying and selling, they made signs for the store, they made books about the different flowers. It was amazing how much they added to the store once they got in there!


We brought some real flowers into the classroom and set up an invitation to explore. Some students chose to draw pictures, others made books, others made diagrams of different parts of the flower. They did some awesome writing with so little influence on our part.

This is the simple painting inspiration art center that we set up. Students were encouraged to mix their own colours, and paint flowers any way they chose.

Our sensory bin was transformed into a rock garden; with little pots, gardening tools, rocks and fake flowers.


We also had a mini sensory bin set up with my Match the Picture! pack for students to dig through.

I love this time of the year in our classroom, students are so independent and have really demonstrated what they have learned throughout the year. Through their play we see the learning that has taken place and I am so proud of what they can do!

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  1. Mrs. Kirk says:

    Wow! This is a great idea! The flower shop is bright and fun! I like how you incorporated other areas such as making a price list and having your students paint their signs! Thank you for sharing!

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