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Butcher Paper Activities for Kindergarten

Making butcher paper activities is one of the easiest ways to set up engaging provocations that your students will love. Our school purchased our butcher paper, but you can find various sizes on Amazon. I’ve created a variety of different activities to target different skills with my students:

Art Activities

Students love exploring and using different art techniques, materials and tools. This a great way to explore their creativity and ability to express themselves. Butcher paper is an excellent way for students to work collaboratively and create unique art pieces that can be displayed in the classroom.

Students experimented with making different lines.

This butcher paper provocation had students add their own artwork to the frames.

I drew the vases on butcher paper, and students added flowers to them.

Students used these Yellow Door People Like Me and Little Houses to make their own community. They drew roads, parks, gardens and more!

Attach markers to a BeeBot and use coding skills to draw on the butcher paper\.

Math Provocation

Finding different ways to reinforce and teach math concepts is easy with butcher paper. Added bonus – I roll these up and keep them so that they can be reused year after year!

Use a butcher paper provocation to reinforce number sense skills.

I traced dominoes on the butcher paper, then wrote the number in the middle. Students had to count the dots on the dominoes and match them to the corresponding number.

Loose Parts and Butcher Paper

A great loose parts provocation will get students excited to explore and learn with a variety of materials. Pair them with butcher paper, and students have to work together to create and investigate.

Draw pictures on a piece of butcher paper, add loose parts, and students can explore the materials.

Write letters on the paper, and have students trace the letters using different loose parts.

Have you used butcher paper activities in your classroom? Let me know in the comments what you have done!

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