Easter Sensory Bin

Yes, I know Easter has already come and gone... it went by so fast I wasn't able to get this post out in time! I still want to share with you this sensory bin idea for Easter. We filled it up with some plastic 'grass', plastic eggs and some Easter characters. I also cut out… Continue reading Easter Sensory Bin


3D Shapes “I Can” Card

As we have moved into learning about 3D shapes, the students have been experimenting with making their own shapes. I put together this invitation to play to get them thinking about the different shapes, and to see if they could build their own. I included: Popsicle sticks Pipe cleaners (cut in half) Tooth picks Modeling… Continue reading 3D Shapes “I Can” Card

Creation Station

My teaching partner created an amazing Creation Station for the students to create and explore with. She provided some simple materials and we have let their imaginations take over. Here are some ideas: cork boards to give them a space to work on rocks gems corks skewers clothespins feathers popsicle sticks toilet paper and paper… Continue reading Creation Station

Superhero Activities

Continuing our theme of superhero activities (see my previous post here),Β  we have done a few literacy based centers using "You can be an Everyday Superhero". This post contains some great literacy center ideas with 3 FREE printables! We started off by making this anchor chart (the students coloured in the superhero's face): I asked… Continue reading Superhero Activities