Take a Look Back #17

With Halloween landing on a Tuesday this year, it has felt like a whirlwind week. We had a lot of fun centers and we had such a great time, but I am excited for the weekend! Here are a few of my pictures I shared on Instagram over the past week: With this provocation, students… Continue reading Take a Look Back #17


“My Advice to New Students” Banner Freebie!

Towards the end of the school year, we always have a Welcome to Kindergarten night. Kinder students that will be joining us in the new school year have a chance to visit their future  school with their families. We set up different math, art and literacy centers as examples of what they will be doing… Continue reading “My Advice to New Students” Banner Freebie!

Weekly Journal Writing FREEBIE!

My teaching partner had a great idea to start our SKs writing in a weekly journal beginning in the new year. We have some high students this year that are already great writers and we just want to get them practicing even more and teach them how to edit their writing. That's where these sheets… Continue reading Weekly Journal Writing FREEBIE!

Leaf Man Invitation to Create (with Freebie)

We read the book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert this week and after finishing the book, we let the students create their own leaf creations. They could make whatever they wanted (they mostly wanted to make dragons) and use whatever materials they wanted. After finishing their creations, we had them write a story about their… Continue reading Leaf Man Invitation to Create (with Freebie)

Leaf Inquiry Science Center- With a Freebie!

The beautiful fall leaves have inspired our students to ask a lot of questions about the colour changing process. To help them learn and explore the different parts of leaves and why that happens, we created a fall leaves inquiry center. It was easy to set up: an information book about leaves, some nice leaves… Continue reading Leaf Inquiry Science Center- With a Freebie!

Name Writing Prompt Freebie

In my last post I talked about how we are focusing on getting our students to write their names. We have set up some centers to help them work on getting them to spell their names correctly and to use uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately. For this center, the letter beads and pipe cleaners were… Continue reading Name Writing Prompt Freebie