Instagram Posts of the Week #38- letter hunt, add around the room, can you fix it? and sticker stories!

Take a look at some of the centers and activities that we did in our kindergarten classroom from this past week. Letter hunt literacy center, add around the room math activity, can you fix it? math task cards for addition and subtraction, sticker story writing center freebie

So much fun is happening in our classroom this week. I love this time of the year- students are in their routines, they are independent, and we can do so many more fun activities. Here is a look back on just a few things that we did this week:

Letter Hunt literacy center for kindergarten. Students look through books to find words that have the letter y in them.

Letter Hunt!
I recently made this write-the-room activity for our kindergarten students, and I was thinking it would also be fun to use it at a center with books. Our students looked through the books to find words that had the letter ‘Y’ in them, then recorded the ones that they found. Our students had a great time looking through all of the books, and it was great for reinforcing concepts of print because there were so many different fonts in each of the books! This was great for letter recognition and formation, and our students loved this center and kept looking until they had found all 10 words that they needed to fill their page (and some students kept going and added more words).

Letter Hunt literacy center for kindergarten students. Students looked through books to find words that had the letter y in them. great for concepts of print and letter recognition.

These recording sheets are available in my store, and there is one for every letter of the alphabet! Students can work throughout the school year to find words in their classroom and in books.

alphabet write-the-room square preview

Add around the room math activity for kindergarten. Use these cards to reinforce addition by adding the two dice together and writing the math sentence.

Add Around the Room

In our classroom we like to have a good variety of centers for students to travel to. We have standing centers, art centers, we use the carpet and any other spaces that we can find in the classroom. Kindergarten students need to move, and I think that’s why write-the-room activities are always such a hit in our classroom.

instagram11 (5)

With these Add Around the Room cards and recording sheets, our students practiced adding the two numbers together and writing the math sentence to match. They had such a great time working on this, and it was a great way to reinforce addition. You can get these cards and recording sheet in my store:

Add Around the Room Square Preview

Can You Fix It? Task cards for reinforcing addition and subtraction math sentences in kindergarten. Great for whole group math instruction, or for a math center activity.

Can You Fix It?

We came to the end of our addition unit this week, and we used this activity to help us wrap it up and reinforce math sentences before we move on to subtraction. Each card has a math sentence on it, but they each have a different error that needs to be fixed. I tried to make each of the mistakes a misconception that I have noticed our students do. The symbols might be in the wrong order, they might not be in a line, the numbers could be out of order and more. If you would like to take a look at these cards and challenge your students with them, they are available in my store:

can you fix it square preview2

Sticker story writing center for kindergarten literacy activities. Students use stickers to create their own stories, illustrate it and write their own story.

Sticker Story

Our students love stickers. I think all kindergarten students love stickers. They are so much fun, there is a great variety of them available and they are inexpensive- they are a perfect material to use in the classroom! Our students created their own sticker stories again this week. We had previously used this template (that you can find as a freebie here), and students were just as excited to write stories with stickers again!

Sticker story writing center for kindergarten literacy activities. Students use stickers to create their own stories, illustrate it and write their own story.

I created this little mini bulletin board outside of our classroom to show off some of their awesome writing, and they were so proud to see their work up there.

If you would like to use this with your students, I have added it to my Resource Library as a free download!

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