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Instagram Posts of the Week #36- Easter egg marble painting, Easter Roll and Add, Capacity Water table, and Letter Egg Hunt with Free Recording Sheet

Take a look back with me on this past week in kindergarten. We had a fun capacity water sensory table, Easter marble painting, Easter addition center and lowercase/uppercase letter matching sensory bin with free printable!

We had lots of Easter fun in our classroom this week. Our students created a lot of different art work, played in different sensory bins and had fun in math. Take a look at some of the things we did, and make sure you get all the way to the end of the post to get your free recording sheet for the Letter Egg Hunt!

Capacity water table for Easter with plastic eggs and scoops.

Water and Plastic Eggs Sensory Bin

This fun sensory bin is so easy to set up: water, plastic eggs, spoons or scoops, and large plastic container (this was a Cheese Ball container). Our students loved transferring the water and eggs to the container and then emptying it out. They were learning about capacity without even knowing it!

Easter egg marble painting art activity for kindergarten.

Egg Marble Painting

I saw the teaching team next door to us doing this art activity and I knew we had to try it too. The plastic eggs are filled with rocks to give them some weight when they are rolling through the paint. Out students loved this painting and we only had a couple of runaway eggs. The end result looks awesome, and our students had a lot of fun with it!

Carrot sight words literacy loose parts center for spring or Easter time in kindergarten

Easter Loose Parts

We added some carrot sight words to our literacy loose parts center this past week. Students loved using them to work on their sight word spelling and they had a great time using them with the different materials.

Roll and add addition math center with an Easter twist for our kindergarten class.

Roll and Add Math Center

This addition center with an Easter twist is a fun way to work on adding skills. Students rolled the dice in the carrot container (there was also bunny containers- these were bought from the dollar store) and then added the two numbers together. They used the white board to record their addition sentence and answer. This is easy to set-up and had our students engaged in this activity for a long time.

Easter Egg Letter hunt. Match uppercase and lowercase letters and record the letters you found. Great for letter recognition and formation sensory bin for your kindergarten class. Recording sheet is a free printable!

Easter Egg Letter Hunt!

This sensory bin was a great hit in our kindergarten classroom. Students hunted through the Easter grass to find the matching uppercase and lowercase letters, then used the recording sheet to write the letters that they found. This was great for letter formation and recognition.

If you would like this recording sheet for your classroom,I have added it to my Resource Library as a free download! There are two versions included: the one you see above, and one with the letters on it to trace.

Do you have any fun activities that your class did for Easter or spring? I love this time of the year, there are so many activities and centers to do!

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