Easy Low-Prep Sight Word Activities for Kindergarten

easy, low-prep sight word center ideas for kindergarten.

Working on sight words is so  important for kindergarten. Students need to be able to recognize and write them to become good readers and writers. Since it so important to work on them, I am constantly looking for new and fun ways to work on our sight words to keep it interesting.

One of the things that I do at the beginning of the year: I start a a book that I add our sight words to as we learn. So whenever we are setting up a sight word center, we can put the books at the table for our students to use. You will see this book in a lot of the pictures coming up.

magnetic letters sight word literacy center for kindergarten

Magnetic Letters

This is a great and easy center to set up. We don’t even sort our letters, we just put them in baskets and let our students sort through them.

Easy, no prep sight word center for kindergarten students. Write sight word in chalk, then use a paintbrush dipped in water to paint over it.

Black Board and Water

For this center, we had students write the sight word with chalk. Then they could erase the word with the water. This is a different sensory experience for our students and they really liked going to this center.

sight word practice center for kindergarten

Painting Sight Words

Along the same line as the previous picture, students painted sight words with water on a blackboard. It doesn’t take long to dry and they can keep writing !

Sight word literacy center with beads for kindergarten

Sight Word Beads

I bought these beads from Wal-Mart. I put them in a bowl, put out a pipe cleaner and invited students to build sight words. So easy!

I can make words stamping activity. Free sight word activity.

Stamping Sight Words

Students can practice writing their sight words with stamps. You can have them stamp on any paper, but if you would like this recording sheet it is a freebie (find it in my Resource Library)

Sight word rainbow writing activity pages for kindergarten literacy centers

Sight Word Rainbow Writing

We do this sheet for every one of our sight words so our students know how to do it without any explanation. So all we have to do is photocopy the sheet and they are ready to go. You can get it here:

Square Previewsight word literacy center for kindergarten students

Sight Word Sticks

Another fun way for students to practice spelling their sight words. Write your sight words on sticks (they are from the dollar store- but they are bigger than popsicle sticks) and put them with some letter pieces. These are Bananagrams but you could use any letters that you have on hand (magnetic letters, wooden letters, etc).

design a sight word literacy center for kindergarten. practice sight word recognition and spelling

Design a Sight Word

Practice writing and spelling sight words with these worksheets. Students write their sight word and then make a design in the background. Our kids loved coming up with different designs and they were engaged for a long time!

It is a free printable too,  I have added it to my Resource Library.

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