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Teaching Money in Kindergarten

Teaching students about money is hard in kindergarten. It’s an abstract concept that doesn’t have any real-world meaning to them yet. They know that you need money to buy things, but we don’t handle coins and bills much anymore. So exposing them to the worth of each coin and bill can be a bit more …

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Instagram Posts of the Week #7

It’s JUNE! We are in the home stretch and students are working hard and having fun! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to keep up with the last few weeks of fun in our kindergarten classroom! Love when the students start using the loose parts in different ways. This one used our Rings and …

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Kindergarten Line of Symmetry Activities

Symmetry Activity: Kindergarten line of symmetry activity ideas with hands-on and engaging centers. Find inspiration to practice symmetry with your students. Over the past two weeks we have been investigating lines of symmetry in my classroom. My students and I looked at where we saw them in nature (bugs, butterflies, leaves), where we saw lines …

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