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Instagram Posts of the Week #7

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It’s JUNE! We are in the home stretch and students are working hard and having fun! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to keep up with the last few weeks of fun in our kindergarten classroom!


Love when the students start using the loose parts in different ways. This one used our Rings and Sticks and the braille alphabet tiles to make words that they found around the classroom.


This is a fun sight word activity that students love to use. I wrote sight words on small solo cups. Students have to build towers using the cups and then they can use the sight words that they stacked to write sentences.


I love the new blog post that I put up about the activities we did to learn about our community and the people and places that live in it. The projects that students created were so awesome and I loved hearing them talk about the different community helpers.


Our literacy loose parts center is growing and changing all the time. Right now we have alphabet rocks, wood letters, braille alphabet tiles and sight word books. Students have been creating different words and being creative with this center all year and I love what they can do with these pieces!

If you would like to see all the amazing things our students get up to, make sure you follow me!

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