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Dyed Dried Lima Beans for Math & Literacy

Dyed Lima Beans- pinterest

Yeah, you read that title right. Dyed Dried Lima Beans. I  saw this tutorial on Facebook, and I knew I had to try it! I followed the instructions and made 6 different colors: green, blue, yellow, orange, purple and red. They were really inexpensive to make (I bought the large bag for $5 and I still have half the bag left) and I have so many ideas for them!


I used a few to write letters and numbers on so students can use them in our loose part centers.


There are so many options for the rest of the dyed lima beans- sensory bin filler, loose parts, patterning, and whatever else students can think of to do with them!


These are going to be perfect to use with my Pattern Task Cards. I am really excited to use these this year, and they were so easy to make!

Pineapple Number Work Mats

What are items you like to use in your classroom that were easy to make?

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