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Teaching Graphing in Kindergarten

To teach graphing in kindergarten you need to be prepared to give your students lots of practice. Use a variety of materials, different activities, and a mix of direct instruction and independent practice. We incorporate graphing throughout the school year so that students can get comfortable asking questions and gathering data. For students to understand …

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Kindergarten symmetry math centers. Hands-on and engaging centers and printables for easy prep.

How to Teach Symmetry in Kindergarten

symmetry math: kindergarten math centers and activities to teach symmetry. use hands-on and engaging centers to teach symmetry to your students. Teaching symmetry can sometimes be a difficult concept. It seems that some students just ‘get it’, while others need a little more help. I find that the best way to get students to understand …

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Easy Print and Prep Activities for 2D Shapes

2D shapes for kindergarten: Hands-on activities to learn about 2D shapes and their properties. These fun math centers will keep students engaged and playing with shapes. We like to use easy, hands-on activities to practice different math concepts. When teaching about 2D shapes, it’s important to give your students some time to manipulate, compose and …

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Take a Look Back #51- Apple sensory bin, popsicle stick letters, dinosaur math provocation, and more!

We are in our second week of school and our students are starting to understand the rules and routines ofย  being in school. We were able to get to some really great centers this past week, and I thought I should share a few of them Apple Sensory Bin We used oatmeal as the base …

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