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Instagram Posts of the Week #63- literacy centers, math activities and more!

kindergarten play-based literacy and math center ideas for sight words, graphing, number sense, measurement and more!

This week I tried something new on my Instagram with two posts that had images of all of our centers that we had set up. The first post I showcased all of the literacy centers we had set up for our morning, later in the week I showed all our math centers for the afternoon. Here are those pictures and more (make sure you scroll through to see all the photos)

Literacy Centers

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1.students used loose parts to design their own snowflakes 2. each student wrote a page to make a new class book about what they enjoy doing on a winter day 3. sight word building blocks: students created a tower using the blocks, then recorded the sight words they used on a white board 4. dot the sight words using a q-tip and watercolor paints 5. letter spin

Math Centers

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1.spin a number– students practice representing numbers in different ways 2. measuring different items invitation 3. color and graph activity 4. spin and graph 5. spin and cover with tallies

Rainbow Writing

sight word rainbow writing to reinforce sight word recognition and formation for kindergarten literacy centers, morning work or work tubs

We also used these fun rainbow writing pages to practice our sight word of the week. Our students love doing these, and they are great for reinforcing sight word recognition and formation. It’s also a fantastic way to work on color words!

Want to use these pages? Find them here:

Square Preview

What do you think of sharing activities this way? Do you like having more than one activity in a post, or do you like it separate? Let me know in the comments!

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