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Simple Sight Word Practice

Since we have finished learning all the alphabet letters and sounds with our Junior Kindergarten group, they are ready to really start focusing on some sight words and sight word recognition. For this young group, learning has to be play-based and fun for them so that they stay engaged in the activities they are doing.


A center that is out frequently and is popular is our loose parts literacy center. It’s a simple center to set-up once you have all the items. Some of the things we have are: letter rocks, braille letter tiles, sight word rocks, sight word popsicle sticks, bananagram tiles, and wood letters (dollar store find!). We interchange what we put out, and we add new things constantly. Students are free to do what they want at this center and they come up with some awesome stuff.


Another popular center is our Sight Word Parking Lot. We put this activity out every few weeks and it is always a popular table. I recently added a recording sheet to make it even more challenging and students loved writing down the sight words they found.


How do you make learning about sight words fun and engaging?

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