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Spring Activities for your Kindergarten Classroom

Find ideas and inspiration for your spring kindergarten centers and activities. Make your program planning easy to reinforce important skills and concepts.

Are you looking for spring activity ideas for your kindergarten classroom? This is such a great time of the year to inspire wonder and learning with your students!

Create a sight word garden for a fun spring-themed literacy center.

This is when you can reinforce skills and concepts that they have been learning all year and really dive deep into the learning with your students.

Here are a few activity ideas that you can try with them:

Flower and Seed Inquiry

Explore spring flowers and seeds with this inquiry provocation. Students can explore plants and seeds and learn about the life cycle of plants.

I love bringing plants into the classroom to spark questions and wonderings from the students. This can lead to some really great inquiries, and prompt your students to want to learn more.

When I did a Flower and Seed Inquiry a few years ago, I had so much fun learning alongside my students and following their direction. Spring is a great time to discuss the life cycle of plants and experiment with them!


Learning about the life cycle of butterflies is the perfect kindergarten spring topic. I have brought caterpillars into the classroom, watched them grow and turn into butterflies. Then, we released them as a class and it was the perfect bonding experience.

Listen to this podcast episode if you want to hear more about the different life cycle units that I’ve done.

Butterfly Unit slideshow and printable activity pages for kindergarten science. Learn about the life cycle of butterflies, migration, anatomy and more with this easy to use slide deck for PowerPoint or Google Slides.

If you would like to teach your students all about butterflies, this unit is the perfect place to start. The information slides will teach your students everything they need to know, and you can use the printable activities to reinforce the learning.

Practice completing an image along a line of symmetry with these hands-on pattern block task cards. Students have to complete the butterfly along the line of symmetry. Each task card is based on a real-life butterfly!

Want more hands-on activities? These pattern block task cards as based on real butterflies! Students have to make the image symmetrical using the pattern blocks and the work mat. This is always a hit with my students.


Introduce the basics of directional coding to your kindergarten students with this spring unplugged coding activity.

This is such a perfect time to teach coding skills to your students. You will be able to use their problem solving, oral language and math skills that they have been practicing all year.

You can use different robots (like a Bee-Bot) or go for some Unplugged Coding. Whatever you choose – you will be teaching them a valuable life skill.

Kindergarten Spring Activities

Reinforce vowels and their sounds with this fun craft. Students make a flower with the different vowels.

Are you looking to work on some skills with fun, hands-on centers? I always love to push my students a little bit at the end of the year with some centers that push their skills just a little further:

Challenge your students to spell out CVCe words with these fun activities.

What are your favourite skills or activities from springtime in kindergarten? Let me know in the comments!

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