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Instagram Posts of the Week #39- sight word flower garden, seed transient art, vegetable garden small world, and more!

Take a look at some of the activities we did in our kindergarten classroom this week. Sight word gardens, seed transient art, sight word flowers and uppercase and lowercase match.

Spring does not seem to want to come this year. The warm weather teased us last month, but now it has been cold and grey for the past few weeks. You wouldn’t know it by looking at our classroom though! We have had some really fun spring-themed activities and centers. Take a peek at what we did this past week:

Build a sight word flower literacy center for sight word recognition and spelling. Fun literacy center idea for kindergarten play-based learning.

Sight Word Flower

This literacy center was a great way to work on sight word recognition and spelling. We like to use play-based centers to teach our sight words to make it fun and engaging. Our students loved making their own flower, then recording the sight words that they used.

If you would like to use this activity in your own classroom, you can get it on its own or in the bundle:

Sight Word Flower- Square Preview     Square Preview

Small world vegetable garden play center for kindergarten. Felt vegetables and rocks to learn about plants.

Felt Vegetable Garden

I made this felt vegetable garden last year and I took it out again this year to teach about planting and vegetables. Students planted the felt pieces and played with the rocks at this small world center. If you want to see how I made these, you can take a look at this post!

Mystery Sight Word literacy center for kindergarten. Practice sight word recognition and spelling with these fun task cards.

Mystery Sight Words

These task cards were such a fun way to practice our sight words. Students had to find the beginning sound for each of the pictures, then put them together to get the mystery sight word. There is a recording sheet included for this center, but we used white boards to record our answers.

mystery sight words square

Seed transient art invitation to create in kindergarten.

Invitation to Create with Seeds

We read the book The Tiny Seed and then we set out this center to inspire children to create their own pictures using ‘seeds’. We had dried lima beans, black beans, kidney beans and chickpeas. Our students did a beautiful job creating their own pictures with these materials.

uppercase, lowercase and beginning sound match literacy center for kindergarten

Popsicle Letter Match

This center was some real wishful thinking! It definitely was not hot enough to eat popsicles, but we did have a lot of fun with this activity. Students put together the popsicles by matching the uppercase, lowercase and beginning sounds. They had a lot of fun with this center, and it brought some summer into our classroom.

Popsicle Letter Match square preview

make a sight word garden with this fun activity. Perfect spring kindergarten literacy center idea.

Sight Word Garden

We made our own gardens this week with our sight word. We had pre-cut the tulip flower out of construction paper and we let the students do the rest. They are getting really good at using the permanent markers. I was a little worried at first when we set them out at centers, but now our students are good at knowing that they need to be careful with them. All their gardens came out so different, and our students really liked this center!

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