Adding 2 New Addition Centers!

Working on addition in kindergarten requires a lot of hands-on learning. The students need concrete objects when working on this concept so that they truly understand what it means to add things together.

Here are two centers that worked great with our class:

addition center3

  1. Build It!

This a free download from Thank God it’s First Grade. It is a great center to use with snap cubes. The kindies needed a little guidance to begin with, but now they are able to do it on their own.

addition center2

2. Adding with beads

This is not only a great addition center, it works on their fine motor skills too. They pick two numbers (or roll two dice) and add the numbers together. To find the sum, they can string beads onto a pipe cleaner. A simple and fun idea that works great with your loose parts center. I used a chalk board pen and some rocks I had in the classroom to create the addition and equal signs.

There you have it, two new addition centers to add to your rotation!


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