Wood Gems for Kindergarten

I love making things over the summer for our classroom. I find inspiration online, and then try to make my own versions. I am not a master woodworker by any stretch, but I do enjoy using new tools and trying to make things in our garage! Last year I made wood car tracks, and wood… Continue reading Wood Gems for Kindergarten


Sphero Robotic Toy in the Kindergarten Classroom

Our students have been learning how to use a Sphero for the past few weeks. A Sphero is  robotic toy that is controlled through apps and makes it easy for students to learn robotic basics and how to code. This is some of the things we did in our classroom with the Sphero, and some… Continue reading Sphero Robotic Toy in the Kindergarten Classroom

Instagram Friday #23

We have only more week left to go before Christmas break, and I am so excited to be celebrating the holidays with our students. We had our Holiday Concert this past week, and our students performed beautifully! I was so proud of them, and they had so much fun singing in front of their families.… Continue reading Instagram Friday #23

Wood Car Tracks for Outdoor Play

I am continuing to make new DIY projects for the classroom, I started small with these literacy and math loose parts, then made some colorful blocks. After seeing this awesome post for making your own outdoor tracks by Buggy and Buddy, I knew I had to make my own wooden car tracks. I wanted a… Continue reading Wood Car Tracks for Outdoor Play