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Instagram Friday #23

Instagram Posts of the Week 23

We have only more week left to go before Christmas break, and I am so excited to be celebrating the holidays with our students. We had our Holiday Concert this past week, and our students performed beautifully! I was so proud of them, and they had so much fun singing in front of their families. Here is a few more things we did in our classroom this week:

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Rainbow Writing

Our students have had a hard time with forming lowercase letters, so I put together this pack to help them with this skill. It contains these Rainbow Writing sheets that our students absolutely loved.

If you would like them, they are available in my store:

Easy Print and Prep Activity Pack for Letters square preview

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Transient Art- Invitation to Create

Our students loved using loose parts to decorate the foam shapes. They were very creative when using these items and we got some awesome looking snowflakes and gingerbread men. This was a great way to let our students be creative without having to set out a lot of materials.

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Gingerbread STEM Challenge

We challenged our students to build a bridge to safely get the gingerbread man over the river. They could use any of the materials, and then they could use a gingerbread cookie to test out their design. The printable river is from here.

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Christmas Tree Measuring

This week we challenged students to build a Christmas tree using 25 green cups.

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They got to work in pairs and had to make their design bigger on the bottom and smaller on the top so it would look like a tree.

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Once they finished building, they used snap cubes to measure how tall their structure was. So far our tallest is 35 snap cubes tall. I love this activity because it got students to work in teams, reinforced measuring and problem-solving skills, and it was really fun to watch them come up with a design!

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