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Be Creative Writing Prompts

As I said in my previous post: I am adding more and more each week to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. This week my new Be Creative Writing Prompts is now on there!

Create Your Own Preview

I really enjoyed creating this packs, and I think students will be really excited to use it! What is included you ask? Well let me tell you!

This pack includes 3 prompts to for students to create their own T.V. show, movie or comic book!
Each prompt has 2 sheets:
* The first sheet includes space to create a main character, a logo and setting.
* The second sheet has space for students to write and draw about their creation.
These sheets are a great way for students to create and use their imaginations!

Be Creative Writing Prompts is available from my Teachers pay Teachers store for $2:

Be Creative Writing Prompts!


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