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20 Addition Word Problems

It is important to keep revisiting math concepts throughout the school year. You don’t have to re-teach the whole unit, but reviewing it will help students become more comfortable and help them retain the information. This new math pack is a great year-long unit that you can keep using with your class.

20 Addition Word Problems Preview

20 Addition Word Problems includes 20 word problems for the numbers 1 to 10. Each sheet includes a word problem, and different ways for the students to show their work:
1- a drawing
2- a ten frame
3- tally marks
4- a number line (numbers are dotted for extra number writing practice!)
5- writing out the math sentence

These are great worksheets to use throughout the year. Use them with your kindergarten class as a whole group exercise, small group activity or for assessment purposes. I will be adding these to their math workbooks!

Each of these sheets can be used as a great introduction to the different ways to solve addition problems or to review and revisit addition!

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20 Addition Word Problems!

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