Sight Word Snowman Literacy Center

I am constantly looking for new literacy centers to keep students engaged while practicing sight words. I want them to learn, but still enjoy the activities and centers that they are doing. That's why I have decided to come out with a series of different building with sight words products. It is something different that… Continue reading Sight Word Snowman Literacy Center

Learning About Patterns

We began to learn about patterning last week, and we have had fun using different materials to practice making patterns. Read to the end of this post to download some free anchor posters. We love to use hands-on activities when we are learning how to pattern. Letting students use concrete materials helps them to understand… Continue reading Learning About Patterns

Storage Ideas for the Classroom

You have collected some loose parts in the kindergarten classroom. Now you need to display them for your students to use. We have different ways that we like to put out our loose parts collections and other supplies, and here are some of our ideas. Large baskets are great for holding our bigger items like… Continue reading Storage Ideas for the Classroom

Sight Word Turkey Literacy Activity

This Sight Word Turkey literacy center is a great way to get students reading and writing sight words in a fun way! I always find that I have to keep changing up our sight word centers because our students tend to get bored of doing the same thing over again. They loved the Sight Word… Continue reading Sight Word Turkey Literacy Activity

Take a Look Back #17

With Halloween landing on a Tuesday this year, it has felt like a whirlwind week. We had a lot of fun centers and we had such a great time, but I am excited for the weekend! Here are a few of my pictures I shared on Instagram over the past week: With this provocation, students… Continue reading Take a Look Back #17