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Have Fun With Dot Day Activities!

International Dot Day takes place on September 15th of each year. The day is a celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration. I love giving my students different opportunities to be creative and work together on that day.

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Read The Book

The Dot book being held in front of a green shelf with a plant.

Of course, you need to start your day off by reading the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds!

It is a beautiful story of a child finding the courage to take the first step in expressing herself.

I love taking the time to discuss the book’s meaning and encouraging my students to always try!

Dot Day Art

Bingo Dabber Art

We explored using Bingo Dabbers to create different circle designs. This was great as a beginning-of-the-year activity because students could explore a new art tool.

A circle pattern created on a white piece of paper using Bingo Dabbers to create dot day inspired art.
A white piece of paper with different circle-shaped caps on it. It has been covered in watercolor paint speckles.

Watercolour Spray Circle Art

With this art provocation, students could explore a different art tool – watercolour spray bottles.

I made them using dried-out markers:

  1. Let markers sit (with caps off) in a cup of water for at least 24 hours (I think I left them a couple of days)
  2. Transfer liquid to spray bottles
  3. Add a capful of rubbing alcohol so that mould does not form

These spray bottles were so much fun to use, and we kept them for other projects throughout the school year.

We collected various-sized caps, and students placed them on a sheet of paper. They sprayed it with watercolour and then removed the caps.

Dot Day art activity on white paper speckled with watercolour paint. There are circle-shaped areas that do not have any paint on them.

Dot Day with Quiver

We also used the Quiver app to make 3D dots. All you have to do is download the colouring page and have students use crayons to decorate their dot (the more colour, the better!)

Once they are done decorating their dot, you can load the app on your phone or iPad and scan their creation, and it will become 3D!

My students are always amazed when they see this and love watching their drawings pop off the page.

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