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No-Prep Math Write-the-Room Activities

Don’t you like seeing that? “No-Prep”. Some days you just need an activity that will keep the students’ interest, while still reinforcing important math concepts. Well, if you ever feel that way, this pack is perfect for you!

One of my most downloaded and successful products in my Creative Kindergarten store is my 3D Shape Search worksheet. It is by far my most downloaded item, and I have left it as a freebie. I don’t want to change that, but with interest so high, I figured I should make more sheets like it!

Math Write the room preview

Instead of just being about 3D shapes, these sheets cover different concepts that come up throughout the school year:

1. Find the Number!: students look for numbers in the classroom and draw where they find them,
2. Tally Around the Room: students tally how many of each object they find in the classroom,
3. 2D Shape Search: students look for and draw 2D shapes in the classroom,
4. Patterns Around the Room: students look for patterns around the classroom and reproduce them onto the worksheet,
5. Estimate Around the Room: students try to estimate how many of each object are in the classroom.


Get this pack for only $1.50 from my Teachers pay Teachers store:

Math Write-the-Room Activities

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