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First Week Back is Done!

I just finished the first week back in kindergarten. It was hot, fun, hectic week and I am glad it is over! That first week back is always the most stressful for me. Now we can get into school routines and get settled in for the year.

I haven’t posted anything to the blog in a few weeks. My teaching partner and I had to move classrooms and I wanted to focus on getting things ready for the new school year.

Now that I’m back and ready to start working on my Teachers pay Teachers store more, I thought I would highlight a few of my products that I think will make your back-to-school packs that could make you life easier over the next few weeks:


2 Back to School Write the Room Activities

5 Back to School Writing Prompts

Back to School Math Word Problems

These are easy print-and-go activities that you can set out with little prep!

Hope your back to school went well, and I will see you again soon with some new products and activity ideas!

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