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More Dice Activities 2.0

If you haven’t seen my first two posts about all the dice activity packs I have put together, you need to go check them out:

Add Around the Room

More Dice Activities

Now that you are all caught up, here is the last of the dice activity packs that I have created:

Dice Write and Swipe preview

It includes not one, but two write & swipe activities that you will want to use throughout the school year! It includes 2 pages of instructions on how to use both activities, 8 beautiful Roll & Add cards and 6 colourful Roll, Write & Swipe cards. The colours in this pack made me extremely happy when putting it together, it’s quite the cheerful math center!

I wasn’t finished yet though… I was thinking about all these packs and how I am really going to enjoy using them throughout the year, and I thought to myself that I should make them into 1 big download so that you can have all the activities at a discounted price. So I made…

Dice Super Pack Preview

the Kindergarten Dice Math Activities Super Pack!

It includes all 4 of my packs at a discounted price.

You can download either of these sets or any of my other packs from my Teachers pay Teachers store. To get these packs go here:

Dice Write and Swipe Activities ($2.00)

Kindergarten Dice Math Activities Super Pack! ($5.00)

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