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More Dice Activities

Using dice in your math centers is great. They’re inexpensive, versatile and fun! With that in mind, I created a few more activity packs to be used with dice. These packs require little to no prep, and can be used and re-used throughout the school year.

The first one I showed you earlier this week: Add Around the Room. It’s a write-the-room activity using dice and addition.

This next one, requires hardly any prep. Photocopy the activity you want to do… and you’re ready!

Dice Activities Preview

It includes 6 addition and subtraction worksheets that you can use with small groups, or for independent work. If you want to re-use these sheets, you could put them in plastic page protectors and use whiteboard markers.

Dice Adding Matching Game previewThis activity requires a little more prep. You have to cut out each of the red and blue cards (and laminate them if you want to be able to keep re-using them). You can use these cards in a number of different ways:

*Put out all the cards and have students match the dice to the right addition sentence,

*Put the cards face down and play a game of memory where they have to match up the dice to the correct math sentence,

*Put out the red and blue cards and the Dice Matching Game printable. Whenever a student finds a match, they have to record it,

*Put out only the red cards and the Dice Adding printable. Have students pick a red card and write the math sentence on their own.

You can also choose how many cards you want to put out to make the game easier or harder for the students.

Both of these packs are available from my Teachers pay Teachers store:

Dice Math Activities ($1.50)

Dice Matching Game! ($2.00)

My next post will have one last dice activity pack and I am pretty excited to share it with you!

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