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More Superhero Activities

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As promised, here is a picture of our bulletin board with all of the children`s superhero writing on it:

superhero bulleting board

Next we used images of superheros and popsicle sticks so that every child could create their own superhero puppet for the classroom. We used them to do an activity on positional words. The children had to hold the puppet and move it according to the positional word that was used.

superhero puppet

This was great fun for the students, they enjoyed using something they created and had a lot of fun making the superheroes ‘fly’ to their next positions (beside, in front, behind, above, etc).

superhero puppets

Download the graphic for this activity:

Superhero Puppet graphics

At the end of the week, we gave each child an award certificate to outline what makes them a superhero in our classroom.

award certificate

Download it for free:

Superhero Award

Thank you so much for following along with my series on superhero activities for the classroom. Keep checking back for some more great themes and activities!

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