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Superhero Activities

Continuing our theme of superhero activities (see my previous post here),  we have done a few literacy based centers using “You can be an Everyday Superhero”. This post contains some great literacy center ideas with 3 FREE printables!

We started off by making this anchor chart (the students coloured in the superhero’s face):

anchor chart-superhero

I asked the students to tell me what their super powers were. I got a few answers along the lines of “I fly”,  so I would ask them again: “How are you an everyday superhero at home or at school? What is your very own super power? ” that’s when the good answers started to come out. We revisited this anchor chart a few times during the week.

Next we worked on creating our own superhero emblem with our own superpower written on it. This example is mine:

Superpower writing prompt

Then I put them up on our bulletin board outside our classroom (I will have a picture of that in my next post). Download this writing prompt for free:

To the rescue! writing prompt

We also used two writing prompts to add to our writing journals: “5 super things that I can do” and “My everyday superhero”. Download those writing prompts for free:

Superhero writing prompts

Lastly, we did a “Create your own Superhero” sheet with them. To start off we did one with the whole class:

anchor chart 2

Then each child got their own sheet to fill in how they wanted. We got some fantastic writing from them for this. Download that sheet for free:

superhero blank

Create your own Superhero

That’s all for my second installment on using everyday superheroes in the classroom, next time I will share the picture of my bulletin board and a math activity using superhero puppets that we made!

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