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Ideas for the Last Weeks of School [Ep. 149]

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149 – Ideas for the Last Weeks of School Creative Kindergarten


What This Episode is About:

In episode 149 of the Creative Kindergarten Podcast, I go over some of the fun things that I like to do at the end of the school year to keep students engaged and learning! This can be a hard time of the year to plan for, so make it easier with these tips and ideas!

Links I Talk About in This Podcast:

Free Monthly Idea List
Name Activity
Literacy Foundations for English Learners book

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More About the Creative Kindergarten Podcast

A podcast for educators to find new ideas, hear stories and maybe learn something new.

My name is Amanda, and I’m an Early Childhood Educator in Ontario, Canada. This is a podcast where I talk about all things kindergarten. I pick a topic for the week, and I share my thoughts, ideas and learning around that topic.

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