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Practice Spatial Reasoning Skills with Copy the Grid

Spatial reasoning skills are an important part of students learning geometric thinking. This cognitive process involves constructing mental images of shapes and predicting the effect of rotating or flipping a shape in one’s mind. Reinforcing spatial reasoning skills will also help students develop in other areas as well.

Knowing that it is such an important skill, I decided to make an activity that will help students develop and build on their spatial reasoning abilities. Copy the Grid is a simple, but effective way activity that you can use in your classroom all year:

How It Works

Print out a grid and the task cards of your choice. When I am setting up a math activity, I usually have 6 student spaces at a table, so I printed 6 grids.

I also place the task cards at the table with the material I’ve chosen to use. Students pick a task card, then have to replicate the position of the materials on their own grid.


I’ve included 3 different materials that can be used with the grids: pompoms, pattern blocks and building cubes. You can reuse this activity all year and switch out the material you are using to keep students engaged.

Differentiated Spatial Reasoning

There are also 3 levels included for each of the materials: 2, 3 or 4 items on the grid. This allows you to build on your student’s ability, you can start off with just a few items on the grid and move up to higher numbers as students build their confidence and ability.

Want to work on your student’s spatial reasoning skills? Take a look at Copy the Grid:

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