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Fall-Themed Activities for your Kindergarten Classroom

fall-themed math and literacy centers for your kindergarten classroom. Practice letters, sight words and numbers with these fun, hands-on, play-based autumn activities. Includes a free download for a sensory bin recording sheet. (freebie)

I’m always looking for fun, new, hands-on centers for our kindergarten class. I love fall and I am always so inspired by the scents and colours that come along with it. Here are a few ideas of centers that you can incorporate in your classroom! Make sure you read until the end of the post to grab a fall sensory bin freebie!

Fall Colo(u)rs Book

Fall Color Emergent reader books for kindergarten literacy center. Practice color word spelling and recognition with these student books.

Our students love to colour this year! They gravitate towards any art or colouring activity, and they are loving these colour books. We made our fall book, and they are a great way to reinforce colour words with your students.

Color Emergent Reader Square Preview

Can you Find the Acorn?

Find the acorn math center for whole group activity or center. Practice number recognition with this fun game.

This is a fun game that can be played as a whole group, or can be a center for your students to play in pairs. One student hides the acorn behind a number while the rest of the students close their eyes. Then, students have to take turns guessing which number the acorn is hiding behind. This pack includes numbers to 20, ten frames and tallies so you can change it up to match what you are working on in class!


Salt Trays

Salt and sprinkle trays to practice writing sight words and letters. A fun, play-based literacy center for kindergarten.

We changed up our salt trays with the season too!

instagram11 (9)

For 3 of our trays, I added some pumpkin spice to it and it smells delicious!

Salt and sprinkle trays to practice writing sight words and letters. A fun, play-based literacy center for kindergarten.

For the other 3 trays, I did a mix of red, orange and yellow sprinkles. Our students practiced writing sight words and letters in them using a cinnamon stick! The letter and sight word leaves are from my Falling Leaves literacy pack:

Falling Leaves square preview

Spin a Number

Spin a number math center to practice number recognition and formation. Have students practice showing numbers in different ways with this fall-themed math center.

We have been using these Spin a Number work mats to reinforce numbers and how we can show them in different ways. At the beginning of the year we like to focus on ten frames, tallies and dot patterns. This is a great math center for this time of the year!

Spin a Number (Fall)- square preview

Fall Sensory Bin

Fall I Spy sensory bin with a free recording sheet to integrate literacy into your sensory bin. (freebie)

We put out this I Spy sensory bin, and our students love it! They had to find various items in the bin, then trace the item’s name on the recording sheet. They had a great time searching through the fall items!

You can get this recording sheet  in my Resource Library as a free download!

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  1. What fun ideas! Thank you so much for sharing those! I plan on using some of these with my students and my little guy at home! My only question, do you have issues with your students eating the sprinkles? I really want to try that, but feel like all they’re going to do is be eating them! How do you keep them from doing so?

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