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Fall Math Games

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It was so hot last week in our classroom. Our windows don’t open (apparently the school board is worried that someone is going to come through our window), we don’t have AC, and the temperature topped 42 degrees Celsius (for my American readers, that’s 105 Fahrenheit)! So I wasn’t into celebrating fall when it officially started. Now that the weather has started to cool down, I have started to take out some fall activities. These Pumpkin Math Games are going to be perfect for our math centers over the next few weeks.

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This bundle comes with multiple versions that works on different math skills. It includes spinners with numbers 1-10 or 11-20. Students must spin and then cover the number they land on. You can decide what level of difficulty to give your students.

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All Spin and Cover work mats come with either tally marks or ten frames. Also included in this activity pack are Roll and Cover, and Roll, Add and Cover work mats to work on number recognition and simple addition.

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You could also work on graphing with your students with this Spin and Graph activity!

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All these activities and more are included in Pumpkin Math Games Bundle:

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