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Easy Print and Prep Money Centers

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I have added the last of my Easy Print and Prep Centers to my store! All the strains are added, and now I will be focusing on adding more games and activities to each bundle. I hope to eventually have enough content to make this a year-long bundle that will take you through your whole math curriculum. If you buy the bundle now, you will get all future updates for free, you will be able to re-download it without paying anything extra!

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Here is a look at the latest addition: money! It works on coin recognition and value with Canadian and U.S. coins.

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These sorting work mats will help students differentiate between each of the coins and help them recognize them (available with Canadian and U.S. coins).

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These clip cards are great for working on coin value. Students have to add up how much is on each card, then clip the correct amount to match. Again, this is available with both Canadian and U.S. coins!

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These fun spin and cover work mats will have students work on coin recognition. They have to use the spinner, then cover the coin they land on! This is also available with Canadian and U.S. coins.

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These two worksheet can be used to make coin rubbings. The first one has students focus on one coin and write three things they notice about it. The other has space for 4 coin rubbings and a line to write the name of the coin. Students love these and often want to make multiple pages!

If you want to work on money with your kindergarten students, you can get these activities on their own, or in my Easy Print and Prep Bundle with all the other centers included:
Bundle Preview            Money Square preview







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  1. This is such a fabulous way to have hands-on activities for children as they work with money. My kid would love this (he adores anything involving money: I think he’s a budding entrepreneur). Great Post! And I love your imagery.

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