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Take a Look Back #61- Winter Sensory Bin, Lego Maze, January Homework Challenges, and more!

Instagram posts from this past week: marble run mazes using a bell for Christmas STEM challenge, winter sight word craft, winter sensory bin with snowflake sight words, January kindergarten homework challenges.

I have had such a great winter break- I got some much needed rest, and I am ready to take on the rest of the school year! I am excited to see our students again, and we have so many great centers and activities planned to do with them. Here is a look back at my week on Instagram and some of the things that I have shared:

Winter Sensory Bin

Winter sensory bin for reinforcing sight word recognition and sight word spelling using fake snow.

Our sensory bin is all set up for when we get back to school. It has some fake snow in it, and these sight word snowflake cards that students can find and write down. I know our students are going to be excited to explore it, and it is great literacy practice!

The snowflake sight words and recording sheet are available in this pack:


Lego Maze

Lego marble run maze STEM activity for kindergarten, Jingle bell run winter or christmas activity to build fine motor skills.

We were lucky enough to receive a bin of Lego the week before break, and we had students make Jingle Run mazes with it. They loved trying to make complicated mazes for the bells to go through, and it was great to see them problem-solving and innovating! They had so many great ideas!

January Homework Challenges

January homework challenges for kindergarten. Editable monthly activities to send home to families to work on skills students are learning at school.

Every month we send home a set of challenges that families can complete whenever they have the time. The different activities line up with what we are doing in class, and it is great for some extra practice at home. We don’t send anything else home as ‘homework’, they just get a book to read weekly. Our students love completing the challenges and bringing their work back to school to showcase it. It’s perfect for getting families involved in their child’s learning and gives them ideas for what they can be working on at home.

These Monthly Challenges are available in my store, and are editable so you can change the activities based on what you are doing that month!

Editable Monthly Challenges square cover

Sight Word Mitten

Sight word winter craft to reinforce sight word recognition and spelling with this cute art activity that incorporates literacy skills.

Our students love doing these sight word crafts. We have been doing a few over the course of the year, and our students are always excited to visit this center! For the sight word ‘you’ students used mittens to write out the word and decorate it.

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