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Take a Look Back #57- Beebot, Letter Construction, Easy Sensory Bin, and more!

fun and easy math sensory bin, beebot coding activity, letter construction literacy center, and bear cave sight words literacy center for kindergarten.

There are 4 weeks until Christmas (can you believe it? I can’t!), so we have started planning and gearing up for all the holiday celebrations and fun. Are you doing anything special with you class?  Let me know in the comments below!

Here is what we were up to this past week:

Shredded Paper Sensory Bin

A fun and easy math sensory bin that will work on ten frames, counting, number formations and number recognition.

We kept our sensory easy, but fun this past week. I took some shredded paper out of the school shredder, and added the winter ten frame number sets to it. Our students picked hats and then traced the matching number on their recording sheet.

This set and 9 others are available in this pack from my store:

Sensory Bin Math Sets- Square preview

Bear Cave Sight Word Game

Bear cave sight word game for kindergarten. Fun literacy center to practice sight word recognition and spelling,

This is a fun sight word game that our students loved! Two students play together, one person closes their eyes while the other places the bear under one of the cups. The first student has to guess which cup the bear is hiding under by calling out the sight words. You can change this up to match the sight words you are learning, and change the object they hide to match your students’ interests.

Beebot Challenge

Beebot challenge to code the word using the coding robot in kindergarten.

This photo is terrible- I had a hard time getting a good picture of this activity. The carpet under the clear mat is dark and reflected the light from the overhead lights. The idea for this coding activity is simple though. The students had to spell bear by making the Beebot go to each letter. A few of our students were able to get it after practicing, but it was difficult!

Letter Constructionist

Letter construction literacy activity for kindergarten literacy centers.

We got this set of Letter Construction, and our students love building with it! They love to challenge themselves and have been making sight words and their names using it. Such a great addition to our literacy centers, and great for fine motor practice too.

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